Compassion is Contagious

Compassion Really IS Contagious!

Compassion is Contagious–this song was written by Mal Magorel and Helen White as part of a campaign to raise awareness about a rare disease called Batten Disease. Buy this song at Band Camp and all proceeds go directly to the Canadian Batten Association to help families across Canada who have children affected by Batten Disease.

Batten Disease is a rare neurological disorder that has different types depending on what age it strikes. Children grow up looking perfectly healthy and then gradually start having trouble. They begin having seizures, have trouble forming their words, and will eventually go blind, become mentally impaired, and lose the ability to walk and talk. Batten Disease is always fatal and to date there is no cure.

Because this disease is so rare there is no funding from the Canadian government for treatment or research. Families rely on our our support to manage the financial and emotional burden of caring for a terminally ill child. Please purchase this song, share this link with your friends and donate to this very worthy cause.

Song credits:

Compassion is Contagious (Copyright 2015)
Lyrics & Music: Mal Magorel, Helen White
Production: Joel Mierau, John Paul Peters, Private Ear Studios, Winnipeg MB

Vocals: Mal Magorel
BG Vocals: Mal Magorel, Helen White
Piano: Rick Boughton
Drums: Glenn Lambert
Guitar: AJ Noone
Bass Guitar: Christopher Berti
Horn: Bob vandenBroek

Click here to purchase the song online. All proceeds go to the Canadian Batten Association.