L4L Wheelchair

The Story of the Elks, The Anonymous Donor & The Wheelchair…..

On May long weekend, 2016 I was browsing my FB page when I came across a post that made me mad.  One of my Batten Mothers was expressing her frustration at the fact that she wasn’t getting any help obtaining a suitable wheelchair for their daughter.  Their old chair was far too small for their daughter, which ultimately left this family housebound, unable to take their daughter out of the house, even to medical appointments.

The Manitoba government wouldn’t fund the family for a wheelchair accessible van, and the chair that the government would fund was not suitable for our girl’s needs, nor would it fold up to go into their car. This ultimately meant that the family was left with no transportation options.

When I heard about the family’s predicament I decided to make a few phone calls to see what I could do.  Anyone who knows a Batten family knows that time is of the essence, and with summer quickly approaching, I felt that it was important to try and get this family out of the house.

My first phone call was to Kevin Tutthill from the Elkhorn Elks.  I explained the situation to him and it took him all of 20 seconds (maybe less) to say “yes”, they would help out.

My second call was to our L4L “anonymous donor.”  Somewhere out there the L4L families have an anonymous “guardian angel” who thinks about them daily and often offers financial support.

The Elks very generously offered $500 to go toward the cost of a new wheelchair and our anonymous donor covered the rest of the cost.

In short order we were able to get this family a new chair that met their needs, which not only meant that they were able to take their daughter out of the house, they were also able to take her on a family holiday to Vancouver–something that they’d always wanted to do, but never thought they could.

We later learned that the chair that the Manitoba government would have provided would have come after summer holidays were over and would not have met their needs at all.

There have been many rewarding moments on this L4L journey, and one of the top ones is hearing how this chair was able to change this family’s life. That’s big for us.

In Case You’re Curious…

  • The L4L chair will always stay in the Manitoba Batten community as long as there is a need for it.
  • It will never be sold for profit.
  • Once one family is done with the chair it will be then transferred on to the next Manitoba Batten Family who needs it.

The L4L Team would like to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to the Elkhorn Elks for their generous donation as well as our anonymous donor for his/her kindness and generosity over the years.

You helped us change lives!

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